SPR Virtual Pub Quiz
Held online, 22nd April 2020

The lockdown isn’t just leading to new ways of working but also socialising and networking as well. So in a first for the Society, the SPR held a virtual pub quiz on the date previously scheduled for the real-world quiz.

The event worked extremely well and huge credit goes to the three quiz-masters, Lucy Greenwood, David Inskip and Andrew Marston, as well as Rita Gosrani who set up the Zoom technology in advance.  Teams were able to move into their own break-out rooms to go through the questions and discuss their responses, with everyone coming back together at the end of each round to hear the correct answers and updates on team scores. After some initial teething problems getting team members into the right groups, everything worked seamlessly and the scores came through very fast.

The quiz attracted 14 teams and around 70 SPR members, who battled their way through questions on sequences, music, nature and science, celebrity photos, geography and quizzes/game shows – you can pit your wits against the participants using the links below.  Teams chose some great names for the evening including Social Quiztancing (PMA), WeWorkInOurPajamas (Schroders) and We’re All Going on a Mortgage Holiday (Savills).

The contest was close-fought. The team from DWS and a mixed company team (The Caged Crusaders) ended up in joint third place on 53 points, hard on the heels of Invesco on 54 points and the winners GlasEdinR'Ex, a mixed team from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Reading Universities on 55.5 points. There were questions for everyone and none of the teams embarrassed themselves, the lowest score coming through at a respectable 41 points. 

The winning team was made up of Allison Orr, Derek Park, Alan Gardner, Neil Dunse, Yi Wu and myself – I was lucky enough to be allocated to this team of very well informed academics! One advantage of the virtual quiz format is that members can easily participate wherever they are based around the country – most of this team live and work in Scotland.

PMA sponsored the event with prize money of £100, donated to two charities chosen by the winning team, The Trussell Trust, which supports a network of food banks, and The Care Workers Charity.

For those who were unable to attend the quiz or would like to share the questions with family or friends, please click on the following links. Once you submit your answers you can see how you scored!  Do note that the answers are case-sensitive and can’t pick up spelling mistakes so do check if you really did get that question right! 

Sequences: https://forms.gle/z5YQt4gXe9A1b8G66
Music: https://forms.gle/Rqi96KKRQKg5Ci1u6
Science and Nature: https://forms.gle/1ujUjmmEk9CwRjPk9
People: https://forms.gle/AYMcejUKx5f9Bjfo7
Geography: https://forms.gle/oYtr3W6yNszRpoLE7
TV quiz/game shows: https://forms.gle/F14qGNnQQJeqjhgm7

Tim Horsey