Discounted External Trainings

A number of skills based trainings are available to SPR members at a discounted rate.  Please see below for details of the current offers:

Property Overview Ltd
“Understanding property development & how to de-risk it”
Date: Tuesday 24 November 2002 or Friday 12 February 2021, ONLINE
Course length: 1 day 9.30am - 5.00pm
Cost: (incl. discount): £675.75pp + VAT
Outline: Providing insight into why you would develop and the process used (durable design, sourcing land, development, letting up or exit route), whilst working through the risks and how to manage those, the key roles that people play, development jargon used and the drivers and influencers of developments. To book this course email or fill in the booking form quoting SPRF15%.

“Understanding Valuations”
Date: Monday 7 December 2020 or Thursday 4 February 2020, ONLINE
Course length: 1 days 9:30am – 5pm
Cost (incl. discount): £590.75pp + VAT
Outline: How valuations are derived and what methods is used when are why are essential to understand especially in uncertain times like these, but help is at hand as this course explains all this including lots of jargon, we explain what factors impact valuations & how they differ by property type, enabling attendees to have more informed discussions and decisions with colleagues and valuers. To book this course email or fill in the booking form quoting SPR15%.

“An Introduction to Property”
Date: Tuesday 9 February 2021, ONLINE
Course length: 1 day, 9:30am-5pm
Cost (incl. discount): £412.25pp + VAT
Outline: Refreshed content for this flagship course providing a 360° view of the property industry, guaranteeing a knowledge foundation and creating an understanding of the property market and its many concepts in one day for those new to property or those wishing to expand their knowledge base. To book this course email or fill in the booking form quoting SPRF15%.

“Deeper Understanding of RE Cash Flows”
Date: Wednesday, 12 February 2021, ONLINE
Course length - 1 day 9:30am – 5pm
Cost (incl. discount): £675.75pp + VAT
Outline: Real Estate Cash Flows, instrumental in decision-making, differ strongly by deal structure, asset type, whether for investment, development or leasing. This course is aimed at board-, investment committee and other senior managers, but also researchers and those who provide data and software systems or investment analyst keen to understand the variety of cash flows and how they are used within businesses to drive decision making. To book this course email or fill in the booking form quoting SPRF15%.

Cambridge Finance Ltd
To access discounted trainings from Cambridge Finance please click here.

Society of Property Researchers do not take responsibility for the course content and members should note that these training events are not organised by the SPR.


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