SPR Webinar: The Value of Mixed Use

Investors often place mixed use development high on their wish list of investable strategies. However, few investors actually invest in this, and few planners purposefully plan holistic mixed-use schemes believing in its value. Mixed use can help with placemaking, asset repositioning, adding value to a scheme, it can help an investor get a scheme through planning by e.g. adding in residentia

l, and mixed use schemes offer the opportunity to repurpose an asset a bit more easily if demand were to change.

In this webinar we discuss when mixed use schemes offer a greater value than simply being the sum of its parts, why mixed use is really difficult to do well, and ideally require scale to be completed. What are the do’s and don’ts? What are the essential ingredients to success? In a well-rounded discussion we start with Elad Eisenstein, a Master Planner and Urban Designer from Aecom, followed by Elizabeth Wright, a Development Manager from Muse Developments, a developer of complex, mixed-use regeneration and development projects, followed by Polly Plunket-Checkemian, a veteran at managing and improving a variety of mixed use estates by working with developers, owners and asset managers. All speakers have their anecdotes and examples to help illustrate the essential ingredients to the successful mixed use recipe, and their passion is infectious.

The webinar is interactive and attendees are able to place their questions to the speakers via the chat function.
Cleo Folkes, Founder, Property Overview Ltd
Elad Eisenstein, Director, City Masterplanning and Urban Design, AECOM
Elizabeth Wright, Senior Development Manager, Muse Developments
Polly Plunket-Checkemian, Director, Aletheia

Cleo Folkes, Founder, Property Overview Ltd
Cléo Folkes, a Dutch national, founded Property Overview in late 2017, working in consultancy as well as providing property-related training courses, building on her 30 years’ worth of deep and broad real estate experience. During this time she and her team have taught people from across the property industry around the world working for institutional investors and their service providers. Her expertise provides research, strategy and strategic advice, management consultancy, business development, tool building, setting up databases and data structures, writing insight pieces and reports, driving marketing and business development, help raise capital for funds and much more.

Cléo has 30 years’ worth of property experience working for a variety of institutions such as chartered surveyors, independent institutions like IPD (now MSCI), a private equity firm and a Middle Eastern Sovereign Wealth Fund. Cléo has worked in a rich variety of roles, mainly focusing on research & strategy, but has also worked in capital raising, change management and business development amongst others. Current and previous market focus has been across asset classes and on a Global level as well as on a Pan-European, German, Dutch and UK-only basis.  She speaks fluent English, Dutch and German. Cléo holds an MA in Economic Geography and is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA).

Elad Eisenstein, Director City Masterplanning and Urban Design, AECOM
Elad is AECOM’s director for city masterplanning and urban design. Based in London and working internationally, he offers clients a holistic approach to city development, urban strategy and design, across the firm’s strategic intervention sectors.

Elad has over two decades of global experience, specialising in leading, designing and delivering major large-scale and complex urban projects. His integrated and strategic approach to city design helped shape many projects and places in cities across the globe.

Elad is an Expert Panel Member for Planning at the NLA and formerly a member of the first cohort of the Mayor of London’s Infrastructure Advisory Panel. He has taught in major universities including the Architectural Association School of Architecture and UCL. He has published widely and is invited as a keynote speaker in many international conferences.

Elizabeth Wright, Senior Development Manager, Muse Developments
Elizabeth Wright is a Senior Development Manager at Muse Places, where she manages large scale mixed use placemaking projects. Muse have a track record of leading complex, mixed-use projects in partnership, which gives them the experience to deliver great places, with the emphasis on sustainability, community and quality. Elizabeth is currently managing a large project of over 800 homes in East London, as well as reviewing other opportunities for the company.

Polly Plunket-Checkemian, Director, Aletheia
As Strategy Director for Aletheia, Polly works with a collective of industry specialists delivering outstanding places repositioning assets, advising developers and unlocking new forms of value - her current work ranges from repositioning business parks to strategic advice facilitating Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as a global test bed and innovation district.

Polly’s career in real estate has focused on property and estate management. With the first half redefining commercial management in high rise offices and mixed use estates she has worked for developers and global real estate advisers holding executive positions. The second half has focused on keeping places relevant and loved. She specialises in creating further value, developing new purpose and reconnecting places with the customers and communities they serve.

Part place maker, part asset manager, part estate manager, she has worked with great schemes like Television Centre, White City Place, Battersea, Heron Tower and Regent Street and counts herself fortunate to have worked with some of the most innovative schemes, business units and people in the industry.

4/26/2023 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
GMT Daylight Time

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