In conversation with Yolande Barnes, Chair, Bartlett Real Estate Institute, UCL

An informal conversation with an experienced researcher and a great opportunity to get to learn from those in the industry, find out how they got to where they are and what their favourite thing about research is!

Whether you have just started out as a researcher wanting to know what others have done in a similar situation and how they have developed their careers or learn more about your peers, this is for you!

The informal conversation will be chaired by one of the SPR committee with questions from how did you get into property research, how has it changed over time, to what advice would you have for your early career self?

But it is also your chance to ask questions. 

Lucy Greenwood will be chatting to SPR Fellow and Chair, Bartlett Real Estate Institute, UCL:

Yolande has studied and commented on UK real estate markets for over 30 years and on world cities and global real estate trends for the last 11 years. Yolande’s particular specialities in the past have been residential markets, regeneration, land, urbanism and mixed use neighbourhoods. Her new remit as Professor of Real Estate at the Bartlett Real Estate Institute at UCL is to explore and understand how real estate contributes to all types of value: social, environmental and economic.  She does this looking at all sectors and across the globe, drawing on the best research and findings that the whole of UCL has to offer, writing readable and understandable, practically orientated useful articles and publications for the industry and offering executive and short courses as well as bespoke research services.

Date:      Friday, 3 September 2021
Time:      1.00 - 1.45 pm
Online:    Zoom

9/3/2021 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
GMT Daylight Time

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