SPR/IPF Roundtable: How can the real estate industry collaborate with key stakeholders to promote growth in the North?

These roundtable discussions are small, interactive gatherings of SPR members in company boardrooms/meeting rooms to discuss, debate & learn about topical issues.



What do northern cities need to improve & develop their transport infrastructure and how can the real estate industry work in partnership with key stakeholders to assist and foster regional economic growth?

This will be the first joint SPR/IPF roundtable table discussion held in the regions, in Manchester, and it will be chaired by Joanna Turner, Head of Property Research, Canada Life Asset Management. The format will include a short introduction to the topic by Joanna to set the scene for the discussion to follow. The discussion is expected to be informal and flow depending on the points raised and interests of the group attendees, but it will be loosely based around the following topics:

  • Further to the government’s recent decision to cancel the northern leg of HS2 from Birmingham to Manchester, what should the strategy now be to improve and enhance transport infrastructure to and between northern cities to foster regional economic growth?
  • How can real estate investors and landlords work with local authorities and other key stakeholders to create and invest in real estate development opportunities in Manchester and other northern cities, alongside improving transport and infrastructure links?
  • Examples of recent case studies involving real estate players collaborating with local authorities and other key stakeholders to create successful residential, commercial and mixed-use schemes in Manchester and other northern cities.
  • How successful have regional ‘Levelling-up’ funds been in acting as a catalyst for regional property market and economic growth?
At the end of the discussion, the Chair will wrap up and summarise the session.

Registration: 08.45
Roundtable: 09.00-10.00

Thank you to Hill Dickinson for hosting this event.

11/21/2023 8:45 AM - 10:00 AM
GMT Standard Time
Hill Dickinson 50 Fountain Street Manchester, M2 2AS UNITED KINGDOM

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