The society shall be known as the Society of Property Researchers


The Society shall exist as a professional organisation;

i) to improve the standing and promote the expertise of the property researcher,

ii) to foster and maintain high standards of professional ability and practice,

iii) to support and further the interests of the property research community and

iv) to provide a forum for the discussion of matters of interest to property researchers.


By way of definition, the Society describes property research as

"the investigation, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data and influences relating to real estate."


i) The Society consists of

a) the founder members as contained in the first directory of members, provided their membership does not lapse, and

b) subsequent members each nominated by two existing members and elected by the Committee

ii) In considering candidates for election to membership the Committee shall pay regard to the desirability of potential members being either:

a) currently engaged in property research for a substantial proportion of their time, or

b) connected with property research such that their inclusion would benefit the Society

iii) In the event of an individual's membership lapsing for any reason, an application for reinstatement shall be treated as if the former member were applying for membership under category (i) (b) above.

iv) Individuals working within property but not directly involved with research may apply to the committee for an affiliate membership. Priced at £80 per annum, this discretionary membership allows SPR affiliates access to event slides packs, networking events such as our annual summer drinks and up to 3 technical events per year such as seminars and site visits. Applications are considered by the current SPR committee but individuals involved in direct sales roles will not be accepted. 


i) The officers of the Society shall be a Chair, two Vice Chairs, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary.

ii) The Management of the Society shall be in the hands of the committee, consisting of the officers of the Society and the duly elected committee members.

iii) The committee shall have the power to co-opt up to five additional members to serve on the committee in any year.

iv) The total number of officers and elected committee members shall not exceed fifteen persons, excluding co-optees.

v) All officers and committee members shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and each shall be eligible for re-election. In case an officer or committee member steps down from their position during the year, the committee will be able to vote on a temporary substitute until the election at the next Annual General Meeting.

vi) Nominations for the officers and other committee members shall each be supported by one proposer and one seconder (both of whom shall be members of the Society) and shall be received by the Honorary Secretary not less than twenty eight days before the Annual General Meeting.

vii) Elections shall be by ballot at the Annual General Meeting. In the event of a tie, the Chair for the year ending shall have a casting vote or votes as necessary.

viii) Ballot papers shall be sent out by email by the Honorary Secretary to each member, at least sixteen days before the Annual General Meeting.

ix) Postal or email votes shall be included provided that they are on official ballot papers and that they shall have been received by the Honorary Secretary at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting.

x) In determining the results of an election for committee membership, the scrutineers appointed by the outgoing committee shall first ensure that the incoming committee (including the officers) contain one member at least from the following organisations (provided that there is a nomination), allocated to the highest polling candidate in each category:

a) firms and companies of surveyors and agents

b) tertiary educational establishments

c) organisations investing in, developing and managing real estate

d) research consultancies

e) public sector bodies

After each of the categories has been filled (if possible) the remaining committee places shall be allocated among the remaining nominations with the highest number of votes polled.


The committee shall meet at least four times a year, and a quorum shall be not less than four, including one officer. The Committee shall regulate its own business and keep proper minutes. The Honorary Secretary shall give to each committee member at least seven days notice of each forthcoming meeting. When voting on a resolution the chairman shall only have a casting vote.


i) An Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in October or November of each year on a date fixed by the Committee. The Honorary Secretary shall give to each member at least 42 days notice of the Annual General Meeting and invite nominations for election as officers or as committee members. A quorum shall be not less than 25 members of the Society.

ii) An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society shall be held within 28 days of either a resolution of the Committee or of the receipt of a written request of 15 members, and the Honorary Secretary shall give at least 21 days written notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting to each member of the Society.

iii) Voting at General Meetings shall be in accordance with Sections 5 and 12.


i) The Society will from time to time award Honorary Fellowships to members of the Society who are deemed to have made an Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Property Research or to have made an Outstanding Contribution to the Society of Property Researchers.  

ii) There will normally be one award a year, usually to be announced on the day of the Society’s Annual General Meeting.

iii) Honorary Fellows will be granted Life Membership of the Society.

iv) Honorary Fellows will be invited to meet at least once every two years with the officers of the Society, and such meetings will constitute the SPR Council of Fellows.

v) The Council of Fellows will provide advice to the Committee on any issue raised by the officers and shall be responsible for proposing candidates for the award of Honorary Fellowships, such proposals to be endorsed by the Committee.

vi) Meetings of the Council of Fellows will be chaired by a President, who shall be known colloquially as the President of the Society of Property Researchers.

vii) The President of the Council of Fellows will be proposed by the Society’s Committee and elected by a resolution of the Annual General Meeting to serve for a term of three years, renewable with the consent of an Annual General Meeting for a further and final term of three years.

viii) Meetings of the Council of Fellows will be called by the Honorary Secretary and will be quorate when attended by the President, one officer of the Society and three Honorary Fellows. 


The Committee shall submit the latest accounts at the Annual General Meeting for approval. The funds of the Society are to be kept in the name of the Society in a bank or invested in trustee securities approved by the Committee. Cheques are to be signed by the Honorary Treasurer or the second signatory. If a second signatory position is created, this person will be voted in by the committee during a committee meeting.


The annual subscription for the forthcoming year will be proposed by the Committee and submitted for approval at the Annual General Meeting.


The Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel any member, if:

i) in their opinion, after due consideration, he or she has conducted himself or herself in a manner unbefitting a member of the Society of Property Researchers

ii) the member has failed to pay the annual subscription, the same having been duly demanded and two reminders containing a notice of the effect of non-payment having been sent to the member.


The Committee shall decide on any questions as to the construction to be placed on the rules.


No alteration shall be made in these rules except at a General Meeting of the Society. Any member desiring to propose an alteration to these rules must lodge the same with the Honorary Secretary at least 28 days before an Annual General Meeting or at the time of the written request for an Extraordinary General Meeting. Any resolution at a General Meeting to alter the rules must be carried by a two-thirds majority of votes cast.