SPR Seminar: What's next for offices?

The world of work and the workplace is continuously evolving, especially in recent years following the pandemic and uncertain economic conditions. In this seminar, we will discuss the core components of the office market, from developer and investor sentiment through to what occupiers are now wanting from their office space.

Rosie Haigh, from Deloitte, will cover the London office development market by identifying meaningful market trends, how these have impacted development sentiment and will also shed some light into some of the results from the Summer 2024 edition of the Deloitte London Office Crane Survey.

Mark Stansfield, CoStar, will discuss demand and vacancy trends across London, and will dig into the nuance by submarket, building size and quality. Furthering this, Deri Ashford, from Savills, will explore the office investment market, focussing on London and the UK more broadly. Deri will identify key themes such as change of use, where investor demand is coming from and the near term outlook.

Thank you to CoStar, Bluefin for hosting this event.

Laura Harris, Research Analyst, Savills

Deri Ashford, Analyst, Savills
Rosie Haigh, Real Estate Insights Lead, Deloitte
Mark Stansfield, Director of UK Analytics, CoStar

Deri Ashford, Analyst, Savills
Deri is an analyst in the commercial research department at Savills, specialising on the West End office investment and occupational markets.

He provides analysis on market trends and insight into the wider commercial market, to a range of internal and external clients.

Rosie Haigh, Real Estate Insights Lead, Deloitte

Rosie is the UK Real Estate Insights Lead at Deloitte. Working on flagship reports such as the London Office Crane Survey, Rosie is an office markets expert. She has experience across all commercial real estate sectors in North America and the UK and now produces various real estate insights pieces at Deloitte.

Laura Harris, Research Analyst, Savills
Laura is an analyst in the Savills Commercial Research team focussing on the UK office market, in particular Greater London and the South East. Laura collates market data to produce quarterly reports, blogs and presentations, looking at longer-term trends and challenges the office market faces. Laura also writes about the current economic environment and what this means for the wider commercial market.

Prior to joining Savills, Laura completed her Masters in Real Estate Finance at Henley Business School. She also holds a BSc Economics degree from the University of Reading. Laura continuously looks to improve her knowledge of wider property market trends, and looks to build on her existing experience.

Laura is a member of the BCO and a committee member of the Society of Property Researchers.

Mark Stansfield, Director of UK Analytics, CoStar Group
Mark is Director of UK Analytics at CoStar Group. He manages CoStar’s team of UK analysts and is responsible for analytic output in the UK, which includes real-time market and submarket reports, news articles, videos, webinars and presentations. Mark writes CoStar’s London reports and leads CoStar’s coverage of the office sector in the UK. He joined CoStar as an analyst in 2004 after earning a B.A. in International History and Politics at the University of Leeds. Mark is a committee member and long-standing member of the Society of Property Researchers.

Thank you to CoStar, Bluefin for hosting this event.

6/5/2024 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
GMT Daylight Time
STR Blue Fin Building 110 Southwark Street London, SE1 0SU UNITED KINGDOM

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