SPR Roundtable - Gender pay gap

These roundtable discussions are small, interactive gatherings of SPR members in company boardrooms/meeting rooms to discuss, debate & learn about topical issues.

This unique roundtable on the gender pap gap will be held at Colliers new London HQ. There are only 16 spaces available and will be offered on a strict first come, first served basis. Both men and women are very welcome.

What do we really mean by gender pay and equal pay – are they the same thing?

The results from the SPR’s annual salary survey are out and the results are disappointing. It seems that women are still not getting equal pay for equal work in the world of real estate research in 2023.

For this reason, we wish to have a discussion about equal pay and the gender pay gap. What are the facts and how can companies as well as individuals help ensure that women are receiving fair compensation and getting promoted? It’s sad to see that our “modern” world hasn’t progressed further.  We will also discuss unconscious biases and other gender inequalities in the workplace.

At this roundtable we will discuss more about the gender pay gap, equal pay, why we think that this issue still occurs at companies and what it’s like to be a woman working in real estate research. Sara Lindblom, Research Analyst at Colliers, will lead the discussion and Lydia Ings, HR Director at Colliers will discuss the issue from an HR perspective and how Colliers deals with this issue.

We welcome you to attend this interesting discussion.

Many thanks to Colliers for hosting this event

9/19/2023 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
GMT Daylight Time
Colliers 95 Wigmore Street London, W1U 1FF UNITED KINGDOM

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